I Receive because I Believe

I Receive because I Believe

“I receive because I believe.

With the sweetness of my life, tender tendrils dripping down my spine, enjoying every bit of my time. I receive.

We are the ones, we, we are the ones, we.

My soul. I receive.

I believe in my soul, my dynamic my role;

this is the spot I habitat so much in the space of me; Full of life transcendentally, for me, no need; This is my creed I make with my DNA, across the board wired today.


With my crystalline wands of admiration, I address this wireless nation, saying don’t forget your United States of Freedom


Your health, your wealth, your truth.

You’re through with the reality they dish out to you, because it’s time to be real.

To your dream that you acquired in the realm of blood and cells and you know well what’s inside of yourself.


Don’t forget your United States of Freedom.

[Don’t forget your United States of Freedom.]


This is your team, you’ve the item inside awaiting to catalyze, upon your command, it’s your demand that you create with your state of mind, your will, your act, your verb, you make no mistake, be what you are in the eyes of creator.

Creator the theatre its you.

I believe in my soul.

I receive.”


Say your peace